A roof of freezing fog

There was a really dense fog over town all day so this evening I walked up to where I took a previous photo. It was really weird, the town lights only went as far at the top of the fog, above that the sky was completely clear. Some circular distortion appeared on each shot which I believe are ‘Newton Rings’, I don’t know what caused it, is it possible to remove these in Photoshop etc? it was too cold to retake.



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  1. Nice one – it was a pretty incredible sight yesterday – driving toward town and just seeing the top of Benbulben – looked like you could just walk right across the bay..

  2. That’s a great shot. Yes, there are de-barrelling tricks in photoshop but I think it looks fantastic as it is! Lovely pic.

  3. that is amazing, wow , it prob the soduim lights around the town that give it that glow and along with the fog just made a most amazing shot, well done,

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