Crashed B-17 Flying Fortress on Teivebaun, Sligo.

On Dec 9th, 1943 a Boeing B-17G-15-BO Flying Fortress with a crew of 10 on-board was flying from Goose Bay, Newfoundland to Prestwick, Scotland. It was coming up the Irish coast when it went down in bad weather at the top of Teivebaun mountain in Sligo. 3 died on the mountain and the other 7 were rescued by locals.

I took a trip up there the other day, its a pretty tough climb. Unfortunately there is not much left of the plane. The site has been scavenged many times and the engines were removed for the aviation museum. There is a lot of metal scattered around and a large wing and undercarriage section remain. This would have been a pretty big aircraft, it would be interesting to know where it all went to.

You can find the full story of what happened in this PDF that Dennis Burke put together. The directions in the PDF are rough and the crash site is hard to find. However, I had GPS so here is a map: Directions to crash site.


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