I still get angry 6 years later

I used to have a Hotmail account. Most people did right? Then for whatever reason about 6 years ago I didn’t log in for some arbitrary amount of time and they deleted the account along with all of the emails. I had so much important email correspondence from friends dating back years there. Even now, 6 years later I get really angry every time I think
about it.

I think some day Microsoft (Hotmail owners) will be charged with some kind of crime against humanity for deleting all of this content.


It sucks.


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  1. Hi Lenny,

    I can’t imagine how angry I could be if this happen to me, loss my gmail is like delete a peace of my brain memories. The bad think is that arbitrary practice is now apply by google ( the not evil corporation) in some google+ accounts without reason.

    Any way, I share your frustration about that…

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