What weird weather we are having and what a beautiful sky it was over Sligo yesterday evening. I wish I got a better shot than this but I was in a rush.


Every night for the past 6 days I have stood in front of this tree. The night I took this there was massive storm which was blowing everything around and screaming through the forest.

Tree in a storm

Yesterday I bumped into a stag. Nice guy. He didn’t much like the look of me though.


The Owenmore river was in overdrive today. The old building is the Hollow Mill which dates from 1797. I tried to get in but it is very well secured. To the left is a housing estate which I omitted. I got some good video of the waterfall in action.

Waterfall on the Owenmore

Long before Weezer brought out their “The Green Album”, a 20-something year old Christie Hennessy recorded one by the same name in London in 1972. He didn’t release anything else for 20 years and only sold 500 copies of this one but it is a really unique album.

The Green Album
The Green Album

There are some traditional Irish tunes on it but the best stuff is his own. There is some really nice guitar playing on the album like on the song “Toomey’s Yarn”. Some of the singing and lyrics are pretty manic. I don’t know much about Christie Hennessy or his later stuff but this album sounds a lot like a Sid Barrett album to me. Maybe I am wrong…

You can listen to clips from the album here. The album is also on Spotify.